The Sixth Age

The Story So Far

After Akmenos and his companion’s travels get interrupted by an unexpected storm, the are forced to shelter in an ancient tomb, called The Tor at Hightower. Upon exploring the tomb, the pair discover an ancient evil lurking in the tomb. After destroying this evil, they were heralded as the Champions of Stormward. Travelling north, they reached the town of Duvik’s Pass, which had been devastated by the Burning Plague, a mysterious illness that two months previously had begun affecting the the people of the town via the towns water supply. Venturing into the mines, where the water supply, and the source of the Serpent Coil, were located, the Champions discovered an Orc cleric of Gruumsh was poisoning the spring. They are joined in this quest by a mysterious Elf bard, Rillien Lartel who tells the pair that he wanders the world in search of adventure after he was banished from this elf tribe. They also discovered a band of kobolds, who had taken refuge in the mines but who’s numbers were weakened by the plague. They convinced the bands leader, M’dokk, to come with them to the Tor and use it as their stronghold, informing the residents of Stormward that the kobolds will be no trouble. From there the Champions went South, to the village of Tarnton, where the nobleman Nerius Bootlum hired them to recover a valuable arifact, the Eversoaking Sponge, which had been stolen by a band of bugbears, lead by Reglore Himtooth. The adventurers discovered that the Sponge was being used to cause the Tarnton Lakes to run dry during the drought, thus threatening life in Tarnton. After retrieving the sponge, and restoring the lakes, Nerius suggested the pair travel south to meet with a wizard by the name of Sionaas, who may be able to provide them with more quests to satisfy their adventuring spirits.


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