The Five Ages in short

The First Age or The Golden Time

The time after the gods and the primordials great war, when all the worlds and races were at peace, and prosperous.

The Second Age or The War of Millennia

A thousand years during which the gods and their people fought, for greed, for life, or for what they believed.

The Third Age or The Age of Discontent.

An age during which enmities and distrust created by the War of Millennia caused the races to continue to fight among themselves.

The Fourth Age or The Days of Restoration

After the wars were resolved, the races entered seclusion and sought to rebuild their portions of the worlds after the damage cause by centuries of war.

The Fifth Age or The Second Golden Time

Upon realising that to fully restore the Middle World, its peoples had to co-exist, a state of frail peace was achieved.


The Five Ages in short

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